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Our goal is to initiate behavior change in youth who are pointed in the wrong direction and redirect that energy in a positive manner.

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”
-Nelson Mandela


Assist today’s at-risk youth in achieving their highest potential as responsible citizens and future leaders.


Initiate behavior change in youth who are pointed in the wrong direction and redirect that energy in a positive manner.


Join us monthly to see our impact in your community.

Our Founder


For more than 20 years in law enforcement, Sheree served as U.S. Probation Officer for 15 years and 5.5 years as a juvenile parole officer in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is intimately familiar with the penal system and the recidivism rate of youth and adults who go through it. This led her to create this program which aims to keep youth from ever entering or reentering the system by showing them there are other options.

Sheree firmly believes that without opportunity, there is no change. As a result of her athletic talent, she earned a scholarship to play softball at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) in 1987. During her collegiate years, she was part of two regional championships and two Women’s College Softball World Series appearances. She also competed Internationally as she was a member of the Puerto Rican National Softball Team from 1993-1996. During her international travels, she earned a sliver medal at Pan American Games in 1995, in Mar Del Plata, Argentina and was Central American Champions in 1995. Sheree is also an Olympian as she competed in the 1996 Centennial Olympic games in Atlanta, Georgia. She has an extreme passion for youth and wants to afford them an opportunity for a positive change as someone did for her as a youth growing up in Carson, California. She believes it is her duty to give back to the youth in Nevada and youth across the nation. Her mission is to move her Program to a national platform and share her story in hopes to inspire other youth she encounters.

See To Believe


Parent Support Group

Real Talk provides a free parent support group during our “Change One” meetings. Parents who have youth enrolled in Real Talk are required to attend the first and third support group. Real Talk believes it is extremely important for parents/guardians to show support to their children as their lack of support reflects our overwhelming concerns regarding the potential of the family unit being severed.

Community Resources

Each month Real Talk provides a variety of other community resources for the parents/guardians and the youth. We believe it is imperative for other agencies to assist with saving families and the youth in our community. We encourage our participants to sign up for extra-curricular activities at the end of every meeting and Real Talk will provide limited funding for their selected activity.We welcome any organization that wishes to be a part of making a change in the lives of youth and families in the community.

Volunteer Monthly Speakers

The Real Talk Youth Impact Program Inc. monthly speakers are made up of former and present federal/state offenders who are dedicated to changing the lives of at-risk youth. They share their experiences in and out of the penal justice system in hopes of changing lives.