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Real Talk Career Prep Classes

The purpose of the Career Prep Program is to expose young people to a variety of professions and the necessary skills needed in life and career planning.

Career Intro Classes:
Career Intro Classes may be either virtual or in-person, depending on the instructor. Classes will have a minimum of five and a maximum of 25 students.

The classes are a one-time, 60-90 minute commitment offered on the last Tuesday of the month from 6:00-7:30 pm. Experienced professionals teach the Career Intro Classes and cover the basics of their profession.

Career Intro Classes answer the following questions:
● What training/education do I need to enter this profession?
● What will I be doing in this career?
● How much money will I make?


Attendance is required to graduate from the Program or receive sponsorship funds for a selected activity. This must be completed prior to the 3rd meeting.