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“Change One” Meetings

Join Us at Our Monthly “Change One” Meetings

Meeting Dates

  • November 1, 2022
  • December 6, 2022
  • January 3, 2023
  • February 7, 2023
  • March 7, 2023
  • April 4, 2023
  • May 2, 2023

Meeting Details

CHECK-IN; 4 pm

PROGRAM TIME: 4:30pm – 7:30pm (approximately)
After 4:30pm we will not permit any late arrivals in the building

Hats and hoodies are not permitted, and youth cell phones must be turned in and collected after the meeting. We ask that  parents also turn your cell phones off or on silent as well.

You must be registered and have filled out all the waivers prior to arrival.


Attendance at 3 meetings is required for graduation. Participant must stay for entire meeting and check out to receive credit for attending.

Parents must attend the 1st and 3rd meetings.

Participants have 6 months from the first meeting attended to graduate from the Program. If they have not graduated by the 6th month, they will need to restart the Program.

Each participant must also attend a mandatory one-time career prep class the last Tuesday of the month from 6pm-7:30pm to graduate from the Program or receive sponsorship funds for a selected activity. This must be completed prior to the 3rd meeting.

In addition:
You will receive a reminder email for the Career Prep Meeting and the monthly Change One Meeting the week prior to the meetings.

If your child was referred by the court, their attendance will be sent monthly to the point of contact we have listed for them.

You must register in order to attend the meetings.

We request that you pre-register the participant/s prior to the monthly meeting. The participant must be eight years old in order to participate in the program. Further, any child that does not pre-register or register at the meeting will not be permitted in the Program.

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