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Meet the Team

Meet the dynamic team of Real Talk YIP who work hard to make sure the youth of Las Vegas have a brighter future. 

Sheree Corniel

Founder/Executive Director
Hello, my name is Sheree D. Corniel, and I am the founder of Real Talk. 
With more than 20 years in law enforcement, I am intimately familiar witht the penal system and the recidivisim rate of children and adults who go through it. 

That experience inspired me to create Real Talk, which aims to keep children from ever entering the system by showing them there are positive options. Growing up in Carson, CA, I was a witness to what can go wrong when children don't have positive influences in their lives. 

My vision is to save as many lives as I can through preparing a positive road map for kids and providing them the tools needed to become all that they are destined to be. 

I credit the Bautista family for creating an opportunity for a positive change for me through competitive fastpitch softball; which led to an athletic college scholarship, and ultimately to me becoming an Olympian. 

Now, I want to give our youth that same opportunity. 

Meet the Board Members

Dr. Ra'Chanel

Chief Integrity and Accountability Officer

Michael J. Franklin

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Aubrey Gordon

Health Care Sales- AAG Consulting

Meet the Team Members

Dr. Keith Fairclough

Volunteer Therapist

Hailey White

Golf Fundraiser Volunteer

Tonya Carpenter

Senior Director of Digital Marketing; Caesars Entertainment

Meet the Interns

Melissa Simmons

UNLV Intern
Meet Our Volunteer Speakers

More than 2,100 and counting, youths have a brighter future, and $250,000+ sponsored for extracurricular activities.

You can make a difference by sponsoring a child, or volunteering with your time.
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