Change One Meetings

Our program is intended to aid in improving children’s cognitive, social, and emotional development through a range of educational classes and community volunteer experiences that expose youth to positive alternatives to behaviors that can lead to delinquency and/or arrest.
The heart of the program are the free monthly Change One meetings.
At the meetings, we provide a variety of speakers, comprised of former and present federal/state ex-offenders who share their experiences to address the unfortunate consequences of making poor choices.
Kids who participate in the program earn the right to apply for funding of an extra-curricular activity — up to $150 a month –at no cost to them. Also, upon request, we pay for tutoring and up to three college entry exams and applications.

Additionally, Real Talk provides a free parent support group, which includes a therapist to observe and monitor discussions between our monthly speaker and parents.

You MUST Pre-Register

We request that you pre-register the participant/s prior to the monthly meeting. The participant must be eight years old in order to participate in the program. Further, any child that does not pre-register will not be permitted in the Program.


Attendance at 3 meetings is required for graduation. Participant must stay for entire meeting and check out to receive credit for attending.
Parents must attend the 1st and 3rd meetings.

Each participant must also attend a mandatory one-time career prep class the last Tuesday of the month from 6pm-7:30pm to graduate from the Program or receive sponsorship funds for a selected activity. This must be completed prior to the 3rd meeting.

In addition:
You will receive a reminder email for the Career Prep Meeting and the monthly Change One Meeting the week prior to the meetings.
If your child was referred by the court, their attendance will be sent monthly to the point of contact we have listed for them.
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More than 2,014 youths have a brighter future, and $200,000 sponsored for extracurricular activities.

You can make a difference by sponsoring a child, or volunteering with your time.
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